Staff Team

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Orla Devine - Programme Manager- Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning

Orla has worked at the Centre for Global Education since December 2014 as Coordinator of the Global Learning Programme. From September 2018, she moved into the role of Programme Manager of the Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning Programme. Prior to assuming her role with the Centre, Orla worked within the Humanitarian Education Team at the British Red Cross, coordinating CPD training for teachers and student teachers across Scotland and Northern Ireland. Her work with the Red Cross also involved monitoring a CPD training programme delivered by the Cyprus Red Cross and managing a youth exchange partnership with the Red Cross Societies in Ireland, Serbia, Macedeonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Orla has a Masters in International Development from the University of Glasgow and has studied Masters modules in Development Education at the Institute of Education, University of London. She currently represents Northern Ireland on the UK Teacher Education for Equity and Sustainability Network.

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Anna Grindle - Global Learning Schools' Advisor- Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning

Anna is a primary school teacher, with six years’ classroom-based experience including teaching children with speech and language difficulties and social communication needs. Alongside her role in the GLP, she currently works two days a week as an outreach teacher for children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. Previous posts include working for Oxfam Scotland as a Curriculum Adviser in Education for Global Citizenship. Additionally, she has carried out work focused on the participation of children and young people in service planning with the Children and Young People's Strategic Partnership (CYPSP) and engaged in policy-based work with young people while on behalf of the Voluntary and Community Sector Forum. She has also lived and volunteered in Uganda, co-ordinating an in-service teacher training programme in life skills education, combining this with participatory action research for MA study.

Anna holds a BA in Geography from Queen’s University Belfast, a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education from University of Cambridge, and a MA in Participation, Power and Social Change from the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex.

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Helen Ferguson - Communications and Events

Helen was a French and Spanish teacher before moving to the British Council to deliver the EU funded Comenius School Partnerships programme to schools and colleges in England and Wales. After taking voluntary redundancy in 2010, Helen returned to the classroom as a Spanish tutor with the Primary Modern Languages Programme. In 2015, Helen was recruited to the Centre for Global Education to work on the Global Learning Programme; and, after a temporary spell with NICILT at Queen's University, Helen has recently rejoined her colleagues at CGE to help promote the new Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning  programme.

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Rosie Murray - Global Learning Schools' Advisor- Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning

A qualified post primary Geography teacher, global educator and environmentalist, Rosie has an established track record as a global educator and facilitator. She recently joined our team In March 2019 as one of our two Global Learning Schools’ Advisors. Prior to this she worked for Trócaire as their Northern Education Officer - researching, writing, and producing their educational resources for a wide range of audiences, along with delivering workshops and providing teacher training.  Rosie also works as a freelance global educator and has developed many primary and post primary resources for CEA and other NGO's. She has facilitated and enabled schools to attain global awards such as Fairtrade Schools Status, Eco-Schools Green Flag, UNICEF’s Rights Respecting Schools Award and the British Council’s Global Teacher Awards.

Global Learning Facilitators

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Charo Lanao- Madden - Global Educator

Charo is a consultant, trainer, facilitator and life coach. She provides consultancy for the private, public and voluntary sector in Europe and Latin America. She has designed and delivered training on global education, intercultural dialogue, anti-discrimination, communication skills, leadership and goal setting. She has designed and delivered facilitation for events using the Art of Hosting, an approach to leadership that uses personal experience, dialogue, facilitation and the co-creation of innovation to address complex challenges.

She believes in the power of collaboration and was an initiator of the Stronger Together Network – a network for people and organisations working on Racial Equality in Northern Ireland. She is also member of the Comhlámh (Solidarity) Belfast group. Currently she is coordinating the Programme for Intercultural Arts Support for Community Arts Partnership. She has been an Equality Commissioner for Northern Ireland since 2008.

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Grainne O'Neill - Global Educator

Gráinne O'Neill has been involved in global education for over 12 years, working in Ireland north and south with different groups of learners. She is particularly interested in teacher professional development. Her experiences with Barefeet Theatre in Zambia initiated much of the energy, drive and innovation she enjoys using in her global education methodology today.  Gráinne is deeply passionate about making a difference on issues such as Climate Change, Inequality and Justice.  She enjoys spending time with her two young children, Darragh and Naia, and exploring the curiosities of the world with them through their young eyes.

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Lisa Rose - Global Educator

Lisa is a freelance mediator, facilitator and trainer who has been involved in global education for a number of years. She has clients in Europe, Africa and the United States. Her work in Northern Ireland includes the design and delivery of  a wide variety of global education workshops to communities and school children of all ages. Other specialties include the design and delivery of programmes centred on conflict mediation, peace-building and community empowerment, which promote mutual understanding. 

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Nora McQuaid - Global Educator

Nora is an education consultant, facilitator and trainer. Her current work focuses on providing support in education, intercultural training and planning to private, public and voluntary sectors in Spain, UK and Ireland. Prior to working as a freelance education consultant, Nora worked for eighteen years in formal education, both in Northern Ireland and Spain; including holding posts of Head of Science and Head of Learning for Life and Work. Nora was the Coordinator for the DFID Global Dimension in Schools NI programme at the Centre for Global Education from 2007-2010, which preceded the current Global Learning Programme. Part of her role included representing NI on the UK Initial Teacher Education Network for Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development. She has many years’ experience writing educational resources and creating and delivering CPD on global education.

Nora holds a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry from Queen’s University Belfast, a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) University of Lancaster and a Masters in Education (MSc with commendation) from Queen’s University Belfast, specialising in Personal Development and Civic Education, including global learning and intercultural education.

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Stella Murray - Global Educator

Stella Murray is a freelance consultant with particular interest in values based global education. In previous roles as Human Rights Education Coordinator for Amnesty International and as coordinator of the Global Dimension in Education Project at St. Mary’s University College, her work with teachers and student teachers has aimed to raise awareness of injustice, human rights and interdependence and recognise the vital role of education in moving towards a more just, equitable and sustainable future.

Formally a primary school teacher, Stella has since worked as an in-service teacher trainer in the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific; as a teachers’ resource centre adviser in Tanzania and education adviser for Save the Children in Laos in South East Asia.