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We’ve done our best to make this FAQ as comprehensive as possible. If you can’t find the exact information you’re looking for, please contact us on or 028 9024 1879. We’re happy to help!

General queries about the programme

GLP Training


Assessment and certification


Using this website


General queries about the programme

1. Is this programme suitable for my school?

Every school in Northern Ireland can take part in the GLP. Primary, post-primary and special schools are all actively involved in our programme. You can read examples of what they’ve been doing by visiting the case study section of this website. We make sure our training days are suitable for teachers at all levels and we provide signposting to relevant material for pupils of all ages and abilities.

2. Can I see if other schools from my area are involved on the GLP?

Yes. Just take a look at our map of participating schools.

3. What exactly does the programme entail?

Please see The Process page for a detailed breakdown of what the GLP will involve if your school signs up. At present, one teacher is selected from each participating school to attend a day of CPD training, which demonstrates how global learning can be brought into their lessons (more on this below). The training day is followed by a top-up twilight, during which advice will be given on how to start rolling out global learning across the school. We also offer additional and entirely optional CPD events.

4. Will the programme take up a lot of time?

It is entirely up to your school to decide how much of a focus is placed on global learning and how quickly it begins to be introduced into classrooms. We do not place strict deadlines on schools. However, if you do decide you want to embed global learning across the whole school, we can help you do this.

5. I want to register my school, but I’m not sure if we can fully implement the programme right now. If we have to pause the programme, can we restart where we left off?

This is absolutely fine. Several schools have done this in the past and were able to successfully re-engage with the programme. Just keep us informed! We’re also there to help you get things started up again when you are ready.

6. Some topics in the news at the moment are distressing. Is global learning appropriate for young children?

Pupils will be exposed to difficult issues no matter what and it is important they are given a chance to process and discuss these properly. Engaging in good global learning practice can help ensure you are covering difficult and even controversial issues in a responsible and beneficial way. We have published an article on how best to tackle teaching about such issues. Advice is also provided at our training days.

7. Is the programme suitable for GCSE and A Level students who are working towards their exams?

Yes. Global learning is something which can be integrated into the existing curriculum, even at GCSE and A Level. There are many global learning resources available which are appropriate for use at Key Stage 4 and 5. We can help you find these.


GLP Training

1. Who from my school should attend GLP training?

Each school registered on the GLP chooses the teacher they feel is best placed to attend our training and take on leadership of global learning. This teacher does not need to have previous global learning experience as we will provide them with everything they need to get started. Likewise, the teacher does not need to be responsible for any particular subject or area of learning within your school.

2. When and where are the training days normally held?

Our training days are held at least biannually in locations across Northern Ireland. Each time, we do our best to ensure that most schools will have a training session within easy driving distance.

3. Is there any cost?

No, in fact we will reimburse your school for any sub-cover costs incurred through sending a teacher to the training. Up to £140 can be claimed.

4. What exactly is covered during the training day?

Teachers are shown the best way to integrate global learning into the topics/subjects they are exploring with pupils, with emphasis placed on using global learning to meet existing curriculum requirements. We provide a thorough introduction to global learning, explain where teachers can source global learning materials and demonstrate activities which can be used with pupils of a wide variety of ages. The sessions are highly interactive and there are lots of opportunities for discussions/asking questions. The training day is followed by a mandatory twilight two to three months later. This gives teachers a chance to share practice with each other. During the session, they will also be guided on how their school can begin to take a whole-school approach to global learning. There are further opportunities for teachers to engage in CPD after this point, but doing so is optional.



1. How do we register for the GLP?

Registration is simple. A member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) must complete a short online form on behalf of your school. As part of this, they must let us know which teacher will attend our training and when. Click here to register. Please note, registration is only open when we have upcoming training days.

2. Why does a senior leader need to register the school?

We hope that this senior leader will support the teacher who attends our training in implementing the GLP within the school. This means, ideally, that the senior leader should be a different person than whoever is attending the training. However, we understand this may not always be possible, especially in smaller schools.

3. I’m interested in registering, but would like to discuss the GLP further first to confirm it is right for my school. What should I do?

Contact the GLP team on 028 9024 1879 or We are always happy to help.


Assessment and certification

1. How is the programme assessed?

There is no external assessment, but your school can choose to gain certification in global learning by reporting back to us on its progress upon reaching certain milestones. This is done via completing short online forms. Currently, schools can earn certificates at three different levels: Introductory, Level 1 and Level 2. Go to The Process page to see when exactly these can be earned. Gaining certification is entirely optional so pressure will not be placed on your school to engage in the programme in this way.

2. What happens after a school earns all three global learning certificates?

Your school can continue to participate on the programme as before. We will still be there to provide you with any support you need and will let you know of any training opportunities which may help you as you continue along your global learning journey.



1. What resources are provided to schools during the training?

At our training days, participants receive a pack of hard copy resources, including our own guidance document, ‘An Introduction to Global Learning’. We will also explain the best places to source global learning resources.  Additionally, every resource mentioned and/or used during the training day is uploaded to the login area of this website, which schools gain access to after the training (see below for further details).

2. Can we access online resources without registering for the programme?

Help is always available to schools via this website, regardless of whether they are participating in the GLP or not. The Resources & Support section includes a wealth of useful material, including directories which will help you find the organisations and individuals who can support your global learning journey. The section also has a Resources of the Month feature and toolkits for primary and post-primary teachers.

3. Is there a way for schools to share resources and ideas together?

We encourage this and try to provide opportunities for schools to share practice through our events. Schools participating in the GLP can also message each other via the login area of this website.

4. Where can I find global learning news and features?

We post regular news and feature stories in the News section of this website. You’ll also find plenty of ideas, tips and opportunities in our termly e-newsletter. Subscribe here. Externally, Stride Magazine and the Global Dimension website are both excellent sources of global learning information.


Using this website

1. How do I gain access to the school login area of this website?

If your school is participating in the GLP, it will be provided with access to the login area once a teacher from the school has completed GLP training. We have to create these profiles manually so it can take some time, but your school should receive login details within three weeks of the training day. If you don’t, contact us on or 028 9024 1879.

2. I’m having trouble accessing my school’s profile on this website. What should I do?

Get in touch with us, outlining the problem. Call us on 028 9024 1879 or email

3. I’m having trouble using another area of the website. Can you help?

Yes. Again, just get in touch with us on the details above.