The Process

From January 2017, the GLP will begin a new model of training that is completed within a two to three month period, with further optional training and tasks available for schools wishing to continue their global learning journey. For schools that began the programme in 2015 or 2016, please login to view the steps you need to complete as part of the GLP.


A Senior Leadership Team (SLT) Representative must register the school on the Global Learning Programme, nominate a teacher to participate in the training and support them throughout the GLP process.

Continuing Professional Development Training

The nominated Global Learning Lead Teacher attends one training day (supply cover of £140 provided) and one follow up twilight session two to three months later. In between the training day and twilight session, teachers are asked to deliver a global learning lesson relevant to their current topic area and to complete a reflective questionnaire. The training day and twilight session are both facilitated by a Global Educator.

Introductory Certificate

Schools can chose to continue their GLP participation beyond this point, receiving additional support and certification as they progress. This will involve your school beginning to embed global learning using a whole school approach. If your school is likely to want to follow the GLP through to completion, you should make sure to select a Global Learning Lead Teacher suitable to take charge of this task when registering for the programme.

Self-Evaluation and Planning

The SLT Representative and lead teacher jointly carry out a whole school self-evaluation on global learning, create global learning actions for the school development plan and cascade key learning to colleagues.

Level 1 Certificate

Implementation and Review

Global learning actions are implemented. Two further approved CPD events are attended by the lead teacher or, where more appropriate to the theme, another staff member. The SLT Representative and global learning lead teacher jointly carry out a second whole school self-evaluation on global learning after the first year of implementation and create new global learning actions for the school development plan.

Level 2 Certificate