Global Learning: Educating for a Fair & Sustainable World

Post-Primary Workshop Options

Workshop TitleWorkshop Description
Introduction to Global LearningThis course provides a rationale for global learning and introduces teachers to the global learning concepts, a progression of global learning outcomes and key aspects of global learning pedagogy. It supports teachers to identify curricular areas in which they can include a global perspective and provides examples of global learning practice from schools across Northern Ireland.
Fact or Fiction? Teaching Global Issues in a Digital WorldYoung people today know a world of instant information which continually presses demands on their attention and identity. Undoubtedly more tech-savvy than their teachers, we still have a role to support young people in developing the skills needed to navigate a digital world and evaluate online content. Sessions will consider skills for digital literacy, explore web personalization, and look at practical skills and resources for identifying fake news, fact checking and evaluating online content. Finally, we will consider strategies for developing skills that support young people to become more globally-minded, critical thinkers.
Connected Learning: Using ‘the global’ to make the connectionsIn a world where we are all more ‘connected’, and where we teach young people about our ‘interdependent and connected world’, there is need for educators to support young people to make their own connections, by exploring common global learning themes across subject areas. These sessions will consider principles of connected learning as framed in the NI Curriculum, and look at examples of what this can look like in our own settings.
Introduction to Facilitating Pupil-Action ProjectsThis workshop will provide phased guidance for teachers who wish to encourage and support self-driven, youth-led projects. Teachers will be provided with a series of experiences and skills which will demonstrate how to guide and support groups to investigate, prepare, plan, and act. In the process, teachers will discover how youth-led projects support curriculum aims by developing a student’s compassion, confidence, leadership skills, inquiry & research skills, critical thinking as well as systems thinking skills.
Teaching Controversial Issues - Turning Conflict into Opportunity Teachers and students are faced with difficult local and global events: violence, racism, prejudice -whatever turns up in the morning’s news. It’s important for teachers to hone the skills needed to facilitate difficult classroom conversations. This workshop offers specific approaches and techniques to ensure that the classroom is a safe space where different opinions can be expressed around issues that matter. Teachers will have the opportunity to discuss previous experiences, learn how to incorporate positive deliberations over controversial issues and be offered tools to turn controversy and conflict into a positive opportunity for whole-class learning.
STEM for a Fair and Sustainable World Aimed at teachers of STEM subjects, this workshop will introduce a range of fun and engaging activities to embed a global perspective into teaching and learning, using Practical Action’s tried and tested challenges such as their Plastics Challenge and Exploring Plastics Lifecycle. We will explore games and activities for specific subjects such as Stop the Spread for Biology and investigate how science and technological advances can help in the quest to make our planet sustainable.