To get the most from Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning, teachers and school leaders are supported with free, high-quality curriculum-focussed professional development opportunities. These sessions will equip teachers, educators and leaders with the skills and practices needed to integrate global learning themes into existing lessons.

Our training has been specifically written to support the requirements of the Northern Ireland Curriculum and is offered at various levels of progression. So, whether you are a cluster of schools or an individual school, you can select a TPL/CPD course to match your group priorities thanks to our range of flexible options. Just get in touch with us at and let us know your preferred date, time and subject matter and we'll shape our programme content and delivery to suit.


Our most popular course is 'Global Learning for a Fair & Sustainable World' at Intermediate level. 

A Course at this level consists of two thematic workshops each lasting 2 hours, followed by a Sharing Practice session. We recommend you leave a few weeks between each workshop, and the course should generally be completed within a 12 week period. Many schools choose a twilight TPL session or something that takes place during school closure days. 

If your school hasn't had any previous global learning training, the 'Global Learning for a Fair & Sustainable World' course will still be appropriate if you choose 'Introduction to Global Learning' as your first thematic workshop. 

Our Global Learning Course Facilitators

Our global learning courses are facilitated by experienced freelance trainers.

There should be a minimum of 6 teachers taking part on these sessions, but if your school has fewer than 6 teachers, get in touch to discuss your individual requirements as we may still be able to facilitate the course for you. Alternately, you could consider teaming up with a neighbouring school or shared education partner. It may also be possible for classroom assistants to undertake this training, provided they're committed to completing the whole course.

Global learning elements are found right throughout the curriculum, so any teacher with any degree of interest can apply.

What Topics fit with Global Learning?

Our workshops may be of particular interest to teachers responsible for the WAU dimension in primary schools; and in post-primary schools teachers of Geography, STEM subjects, LLW and Religious Education may find these topics particularly relevant.  It is not necessary for your school to be engaged in an International Partnership to benefit from our free in-school TPL/CPD

You can book your Global Learning: Education for a Fair & Sustainable World Intermediate level course here.

How to Deepen your Global Learning knowledge

For teachers who have already completed a Course at Intermediate level and want to explore global learning in more depth, we offer 'Global Learning for a Fair & Sustainable World' at Advanced level. For the Advanced course, teachers can choose from a range of workshop options. To view these options and to submit a training request form, click on the tabs to the left. 

For teachers about to embark on an International Partnership, our School Advisors will be in touch to discuss the benefits of attending a 6-hour course at Intermediate level:  'Setting Up and Maintaining an International Partnership'. 

For more information or advice on any of our TPL activities or to talk through your requirements, contact us at the Centre for Global Education on 028 90241879 or email

We look forward to bringing the world into your classroom.