Global Learning: Educating for a Fair & Sustainable World

Advanced level Course Options (Primary & Post-Primary)

Global Learning for a Fair and Sustainable World Advanced level courses are suitable for both primary and post-primary. Participants must have previously completed a course at Intermediate level before they can apply. The Advanced level courses involve a total of 6 hours' training plus incorporating ideas into class-based practice between sessions and a written reflective evaluation. If your school is interested in pursuing this option please contact us on

Advanced Level Course TitleAdvanced Level Course Descriptions
Facilitating Pupil Projects on the Sustainable Development Goals Collaborative, student-led enquiry and action make learning relevant, as students explore the similar and different ways in which they and peers in another location experience and are impacted by a global issue. These sessions will consider how to support young people to self-assess how empowered they feel, identifying their skills and interests, spheres of influence and how they are ‘connected’ to others. We’ll consider how simple web-based platforms can support collaboration across a cluster of schools – even in different countries and time zones. We will look at how young people can be creative about their capacity to make informed, planned and active responses to issues, and understand how to direct resources, time and skills to take action on real-world issues. There will also be opportunity to reflect on charity and social justice approaches to pupil action.
Global Learning: A Whole-School ApproachAre you keen to take a whole school approach to global learning in your school, but still not totally sure how to get started? Then this is the workshop for you. The session will provide a comprehensive overview of the ins and outs of developing a whole school approach to global learning. Participants will be guided on how to get the most out of the CCGL whole school framework. We’ll also show you how to develop global learning actions within your school that are relevant to your individual school context, capacity and priorities.
Digging Deeper into Global Learning Concepts These workshops offer teachers an opportunity to develop to develop a deeper and more critical understanding of the global learning concepts of sustainable development, inequality, interdependence, social justice, human rights and cultural diversity. The sessions are aimed to support teachers’ own learning and to increase confidence to integrate concepts in teaching. We will also discuss how these concepts are relevant to the lives of young people.