Nothing brings global learning to life or makes the classroom a more engaging and inspiring place for young people like the opportunity to learn, interact and collaborate with peers in other countries. International school partnerships encourage students to fully deepen their learning experiences through joint learning activities exploring global and sustainable development themes with their international peers. Pupils’ global learning competencies, communication skills and an appreciation for cultural diversity, will be reinforced through collaboration and can motivate them to put learning into action by making a difference in their community and the wider world. They also offer teachers the chance to share experiences and learn new practices from colleagues in other countries. Check out our latest case studies to get inspired!

Find an International Partner School

Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning (CCGL) helps schools make connections locally and globally. It offers an online partner-finding tool to help build international connections, as well as guidance and training to support schools to get the most from international school partnerships. Find out more about setting up a partnership with a school overseas through the British Council Partner Finding Website. Alternatively, contact or the British Council’s Belfast office on 028 90 192 229/266 (email To view the list of eligible partner countries click here.

Apply for a Grant for Reciprocal Teacher Visits and Pupil Projects

CCGL also includes the opportunity to apply for grants for reciprocal teacher visits and collaborative pupil projects between partner schools in different countries. Schools can apply for grants individually with their overseas partner or as part of a wider cluster of schools, with one school appointing a teacher to take on the role of cluster lead. Click here for further information and guidance on the grant application process and deadlines.

Training Day on ‘Making a Successful International School Partnership Grant Application’

A training day with subcover is available for teachers leading a cluster of schools in making a CCGL grant application and for teachers making an individual school application. Sub-cover is available to one teacher only per grant application, and will be paid after the application has been submitted. Currently we have no training days arranged, but details of any upcoming training will be publicised here .


A school self-evaluation and cluster self-evaluation has been created to help participating teacher to identify actions and appropriate professional development opportunities to support their international school partnership.

Contact a CCGL School Advisor

Our School Advisors are available to provide advice and support to individual schools and cluster leads on: 

  • completing self-evaluations;
  • making action plans and grant applications;
  • good practice in international partnerships;
  • professional development training and;
  • recommending resources. 

To speak to a school advisor at the Centre for Global Education phone 028 90 241 879 or email