Nothing brings global learning to life or makes the classroom a more engaging and inspiring place for young people than the opportunity to learn, interact and collaborate with peers in other countries.

International school partnerships encourage students to deepen their learning experiences through joint learning activities that explore global and sustainable development themes with international peers. Pupils’ global learning competencies, communication skills and an appreciation for cultural diversity are reinforced through collaboration and provides motivation to put learning practices into action; making a difference in their community and the wider world. They also offer teachers the chance to share experiences and learn new practices from colleagues in other countries.

Get inspired by the possibilities of International Schools Partnerships by hearing first hand from participating local teachers and schools in our case studies.

The British Council can help your school make connections locally and globally. They offer an online partner-finding tool to help build international connections, as well as guidance and training to support you in getting the most from your international school partnerships. 

Find out more about setting up a partnership with a school overseas by visiting the British Council website, signing up to their schools' newsletter, emailing or following them at @Schools_British for the latest news and information.