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Youth Strike 4 Climate

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Youth Strike 4 Climate

11 June, 2019

Three young brothers from East Belfast recently took part in the #YouthStrike4Climate rally in Belfast City Centre. 
Darragh, Rory and Odhran told the Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning team that they were motivated to get involved because 'the climate is our future and we have to take care of it'.
With their mum's help, the boys made a colourful banner which Darragh proudly displayed at the rally while his siblings drew pictures and slogans on the ground with chalk. The boys revelled in the noisy atmosphere and joined in with the growing crowd chanting 'Climate change is not cool, that's why we aren't in school!' 
Darragh said that these protests are important as they send a message to the governments around the world that 'climate change is real, it is happening right now and we need to speak about it'. Odhran hoped that the youth strikes might encourage 'rich and powerful countries like America to take better care of the environment'.  Rory was concerned that the 'earth is too hot so we need to stop releasing harmful gases into the atmosphere'.
The brothers were very knowledgeable about the benefits of renewable energies, such as wind, solar and hydropower and spoke about the threat of single-use plastics to our oceans and landfill sites. 
The talented trio can't wait to strike again so look out for them at future rallies with their banners!

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