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Belfast Climate Strike Action 6th November 2021

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Belfast Climate Strike Action 6th November 2021

15 December, 2021

A climate protest was organised in Belfast city centre on 6th November 2021 to coincide with the COP-26 conference being held in Glasgow, UK.

The protest attracted a large turnout from across civil society, including young climate activists, trade unions, non-governmental organisations, political parties and concerned members of the general public. The Centre for Global Education carried out some filming on the day and interviewed some of the speakers and protesters to get their views on the climate emergency and uncover a variety of views on how we should respond.

Many of whom the Centre for Global Education spoke to commented on the "lack of climate change legislation in Northern Ireland", particularly when the climate crisis appears to be accelerating toward a tipping point.

Speakers also commented on the "importance of public activism" to make this legislation a reality and ensure that political leaders take action to mitigate the causes and effects of climate change.

If you are reading this post, please share the film on social media using this link to encourage continued public activism on this crucial issue that affects us all. 

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