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Centre for Global Education launches Policy and Practice: A Development Education Review

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Centre for Global Education launches Policy and Practice: A Development Education Review

29 March, 2021

The Centre for Global Education has just released its fifteenth anniversary edition of Policy and Practice: A Development Education Review, a bi-annual journal funded by Irish Aid and published by the Centre for Global Education.

Under the editorial leadership of the centre’s director Stephen McCloskey, this latest edition aims to provide educators with an understanding of the underlying causes of poverty and inequality, and sets out how these can be communicated in range of educational settings and institutions. It explores some of the most urgent and topical development issues of our time, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change, migration, gender inequality and globalisation.

Policy and Practice: A Development Education Review - Fifteenth Anniversary Special Edition discusses why these issues need to be debated with learners in a range of sectors, and why learners need to be supported to take action for positive social change as part of their educational practice.

Since 2005, Policy and Practice has become a vehicle for debating inequalities both within and between the global north and south, encouraging active engagement with the issues underpinning poverty and injustice. The special collection includes articles written by leading scholars in the field who debate cutting-edge development education issues and the policy environment in which they are delivered.

When asked about the journal, Stephen says,

“This special Policy and Practice collection represents a collaborative effort involving eight members of the journal’s Editorial Board who each contributed an article introducing the development themes and issues that are explored in the compendium. This publication celebrates an important milestone for a publication that represents one of the most accessible and articulate voices in development education, both in the island of Ireland and internationally.

The journal’s website consistently receives more than 150,000 visitors per annum and Policy and Practice articles have generated 2,500 citations in hundreds of books and journals. This suggests the extent to which Policy and Practice supports good practice, research and debate in the development education sector.

The timing of the publication is also important, with the articles on climate change helping to frame the main issues at stake during the upcoming COP26 conference held in Glasgow later this year. The collection highlights the urgency of the climate emergency for the planet and the need for immediate remedial action.

You can purchase a copy of the book here or learn more about the Centre for Global Education’s work by visiting their website.


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