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How to respond to the Manchester attack in class

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How to respond to the Manchester attack in class

26 May, 2017

This week most of us will have spent some time discussing or thinking about the senseless attack on concertgoers in Manchester on Monday evening. It is likely that many of your pupils have also been dwelling on this tragic event.

Undeniably, it can be difficult to know how to broach such topics as a teacher, especially when they raise questions which have no easy answer. Thankfully, there are resources available to help you if what happened in Manchester becomes a focal point in class:

TES has published an article advising teachers on what key things to consider when discussing the attack with their pupils.

The British Red Cross has drafted some excellent advice on how to use group discussion to get pupils thinking about the people who selflessly helped others in the wake of the tragedy, rather than thinking about those responsible.

Advice directed at pupils themselves is available from the BBC Newsround website. The web-page even includes a short video, which you may wish to show to pupils in your class who are upset.

Additionally, you might find some useful content in this pre-existing Oxfam publication, which advises teachers on how to tackle controversial issues on class.

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