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Simple global learning idea: Identity labels

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Simple global learning idea: Identity labels

02 June, 2017

From now on we’re going to regularly share simple ideas that you can use to engage pupils in global learning. Here’s the first! You may find it particularly useful if you and your pupils are exploring World War II, displacement due to conflict or life as a refugee.


During WWII, the millions of children evacuated from UK cities to the relative safety of the countryside were ‘labelled’ as they were sent off. These labels gave their names, addresses and listed some identifying features. Refugees today often carry passports or other identifying documents with them as they seek a new home.  

Allow children in your class to complete their own identity labels, gradually adding some more information to tell people more about who they really are. You could start with very basic information, like their name, age and eye colour, and then allow them to add additional details about their interests and things that really matter to them.

This activity can be expanded further by asking each pupil to bring in a shoebox to school containing items that are important to them. Pupils can include pictures, objects, pieces of writing, etc. The box itself can be decorated (if they want to do this as well!).

You could make time for pupils to show each other some of the things they have brought put in the box. To finish things off, perhaps ask pupils what better represented who they are: the box or the label? Why was this is the case?

The activity can also be used to tap into wider questions about what make us who we are and what happens when we have only very limited information on which to judge someone else.


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