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It's Human Rights Day

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It's Human Rights Day

10 December, 2020

Nelson Mandela, a South African Civil Rights Activist once said, “To deny people their human rights are to change their very humanity.”

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was created in 1948 and has been translated into more than five hundred languages. It holds the world record of being the most translated document and is a constant reminder that we need to stand up for our rights, and fight for values and equality.

Mandela was a selfless man who sacrificed his freedom to fight for human rights in South Africa. He was imprisoned for almost twenty-seven years, but his determined will changed the world. He refused to give up on his country or people, holding on to his vision. He was a man who was able to drive change, and an inspiration for so many people. His one, single voice was powerful enough able to make lasting global changes.

However, regardless as to how far we have come, injustice lives on throughout the World and people from Saudi Arabia to Brazil to Vietnam still have to fight for basic human rights, sexual equality, and a brighter future.

Successful Human Rights Cases

Alexya Salvador is a transgender woman living in Brazil, a dangerous place at the best of times and particularly for the LGBTQ+ community. However, despite the ongoing danger and social unacceptance, Alexya became an Assistant Pastor at the Metropolitan Community Church in 2015, and is the first ever reverend in Latin America. She currently works as Vice President of the Brazilian Association of Homotransaffective Families and speaks on issues like adoption, different family formations and education. In short, she offers hope and inspiration for people to be able to live their dreams. 

Regardless of race, colour, religion, sex, language, property or origin, we are all equal.

There are many more examples of people like Alexya who are taking action to make a positive change and many unsung heroes who have sacrificed so much for the collective good. Decades of slavery have been ended - not counting human slavery - walls have been broken down, cease fires put into play, and women can now work hand in hand with men, although not quite everywhere.

In times of a global pandemic - where we’ve had to rely on others, and vice versa - the need for basic human rights has never been so great. Countries have suffered under the strictest of government restrictions, people have lost jobs, homes, loved ones and faced many fears.

Be Kind, be Accepting

It’s during times like these that we should use our own human rights to show solidarity and good will towards people all around the world.

Learning about human rights is a constant education, and is of particular importance to children.

Click here to access relevant classroom material that will help children and young people understand the concept of how human rights works in a local and global context

Have a Happy Human Rights Day everyone!

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