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Simple global learning idea: Mapping our global connections

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Simple global learning idea: Mapping our global connections

07 February, 2018

The world is smaller than it has ever been before: Modern technology allows us to communicate with people across the globe in seconds and travel to distant places in mere hours. Most of us now have close connections with people who live in different countries.

As a result of all of this, the pupils of today are growing up in a far more interconnected and globalised world than previous generations. It can be interesting to explore the impact of this with them in class


Get a large world map and place it on the wall, where everyone can clearly see it. Using coloured stickers (or pins or blu tack), begin to mark every place on the map to which your pupils are connected.

This could start off very simply with you first marking the countries where the children were born (if you know not everyone was born in Northern Ireland!). Continue the activity by marking all the countries your pupils have visited, followed by any country where they have close family or friends.

You can then develop this even further by getting some pupils to look at the labels on their belongings. Mark all the different countries in which these items were produced.

Each time you pick a new scenario, change the colour of sticker you are using. Very quickly, you and your pupils will have built up a great visualisation of our interconnectedness.

At the end of the session, take some time to reflect. Ask pupils how all of this has made them feel. Big? Small? Get them to explain why and allow space to discuss any issues raised.

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