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Simple global learning idea: Explore Christmas traditions across the globe

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Simple global learning idea: Explore Christmas traditions across the globe

15 December, 2017

Christmas is celebrated by over two billion people around the world. Most countries have their own specific Christmas traditions so the festive season offers a fun opportunity to find out more about different cultures. For example, did you know that Colombians like to play practical jokes on each other at Christmas? Or that spider webs are a popular Christmas tree decoration in Ukraine?


Drawing festive pictures is a common classroom activity in the run-up to Christmas. Why not do things with a twist this year? Instead of the usual sketches of penguins and presents, get pupils to draw or paint a picture depicting Christmas in a particular country.

You can find lots of information on various country's Christmas traditions by searching online. The website,, contains a lot of useful info, as does this article from Green Global Travel. There’s also a nice animation on Christmas celebrations in different countries by MocomiKids, as well as many children’s books on the subject.

Alternatively, if your pupils would like to do something other than drawing, Send A Cow has produced an excellent resource pack that will help pupils get to grips with African Christmas traditions. This contains a jolly Christmas quiz and word search.

Whatever way you choose to mark Christmas in class, we hope you all have a very merry time!

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