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Simple idea for global learning: Connection webs

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Simple idea for global learning: Connection webs

11 August, 2017

This simple idea can be used to help pupils understand their place in the world and all the connections they have to others.


Help pupils draw their own connection web. Provide them with a piece of paper and a pencil or pen each. Tell them to draw themselves or simply write their name at the centre of the page. Next, get them to write down on the rest of the page the names of various people in their lives (e.g. mother, father, sibling(s), best friend, local shopkeeper, doctor, etc). In each case, they should draw a line between this person and themselves. A thick line means this is someone very close to them, a thinner line means the opposite. To finish this off, pupils can also draw lines to show how the people in their lives are connected to each other.

Alternatively, there is a group activity on the same theme that can be used instead. Stand your pupils in a circle, each with a label to represent a different type of person in our lives who can help us in some way (e.g. the farmer, the shopkeeper, the postal worker, the teacher etc). Next, use string to link these different people together

Regardless of which technique you use, make sure to leave time for discussion afterwards. Both activities provide a good chance to talk about how much stronger we are when we draw on the help and support of the people in our lives.

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