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‘How do we know it’s working?’ - Measuring attitudinal change in global citizenship.

Developed by Reading International Solidarity Centre (RISC), this resource offers a range of activities and case studies to engage with assessment of skills, values and attitudes. An accessible resources, offering a range of approaches that could be adapted for use in a different topic area.

Get Global!

Get Global! was developed in partnership by DFID and a number of international NGOs. It is a flexible and adaptable, allowing learners to move from thinking about issues that are important to them, to planning and participating in action, and to reflect on their performance, and assess their work. Although a slightly older resource, it is versatile and easily adapted for needs of different learners, and for use in online or collaborative learning environments.

COP26 and Climate Justice

The British Council and Friends of the Earth, amongst others, are working with partners across the UK and worldwide to support the success and legacy of COP26, creating opportunities for climate co-operation, dialogue and action. Head to our Video Resources section to watch 'How to Save the Planet' and check out the resources below.

Monster animation: education resource packs

Download these engaging resources for schools and youth groups which build on Greenpeace's Monster animation. Aimed at 7-14 year olds, the resources help young people to understand the link between industrial meat and deforestation and offer a range of inspiring activities to help save the forests!

An Introduction to Global Learning

Global Learning Poster

Resources to Support Classroom Practice and a Whole School Approach

Global Learning is supported by a wide range of organisations and initiatives:

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