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Tools for Solidarity offers an Education for Sustainable Development Programme (ESD), which consists of learning activities adapted to school & student needs. In particular, we focus our work on the areas of The World Around Us and Personal Development and Mutual Understanding at Key Stage 1 and 2. In the sessions, we explore aspects of sustainable development such as poverty and inequality, exploitation of natural resources, critical thinking, and the impact of our lifestyle on a global scale, as well as positive changes like Fair Trade. The methodology used in the classroom is dynamic and participatory in order to help students to build critical learning step by step, starting with a general understanding of sustainable development and building up to a more concrete knowledge of how daily actions have an impact on the world at both the local and global levels. The programme is easily adaptable to meet the learning objectives of partner schools so if a particular topic is of interest we will make sure it is included.

Resources to Support Classroom Practice and a Whole School Approach

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