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Picture for Donaghadee Primary School – Unfairness and global inequality

Donaghadee Primary School – Unfairness and global inequality

Location: Northfield Road, Donaghadee, BT21 0BD


Entry Date: 14 December 2017

While learning about food and farming, pupils played a version of the biscuit game. This is a simple activity, designed to help children understand global inequality. Biscuits are given out to pupils. However, instead of everyone receiving one each, as would be fair, some receive several biscuits, while others are given only crumbs.

In this case, counters were used instead of biscuits, but the core principals of the game remained the same, with the counters distributed very unevenly. The activity raised many questions and emotions, including anger from some pupils who didn't get any counters! A lot of discussion took place about unfairness and how things can be changed for the better. Playing the game also encouraged critical thinking and deepened pupils’ understanding of food and wealth inequality across the globe. In particular, the activity served to highlight that not everywhere in the world has enough food or the ability to produce enough food.

As a follow-up, pupils also engaged in a photo sorting activity, working in pairs to organise images of farming practices in different countries. These photos showed everything from small subsistence farms to huge industrial farms. Afterwards, learners discussed how fair access to food and farming innovations could be improved globally.

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