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Picture for Hazelwood Integrated Primary School: Refugee journeys by sea

Hazelwood Integrated Primary School: Refugee journeys by sea

Location: 242 Whitewell Road, Newtonabbey, BT36 7EN


Entry Date: 04 April 2018

When P4 pupils at Hazelwood Integrated Primary School were studying ‘Rescue at Sea’, the topic was given an up to date, real-life context through being linked to the refugee crisis. Specifically, pupils learned about the many refugees who in recent years have tried to flee to safer countries by boat.

First, pupils watched a news broadcast about refugees travelling via the sea in search of somewhere new to live. Afterwards, they discussed how it must feel to have to suddenly leave your home and seek a different one. They thought about items in their own homes that they valued and determined whether or not they would be able to bring them if they became a refugee. The pupils quickly realised that they wouldn’t be able to take many of their treasured items with them, which made them feel a real empathy towards those who have no choice other than to flee their homes.

As a result of these activities, pupils were able to explore their own thoughts and feelings about the refugee crisis in depth. They also gained an increased understanding of the difficulties faced by refugees.

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