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Picture for Kesh Primary School - The World's Largest Lesson

Kesh Primary School - The World's Largest Lesson

Location: 44 Crevenish Rd, Kesh, Enniskillen, BT93 1RF


Entry Date: 17 November 2017

Pupils of all ages from Kesh Primary School participated in the World’s Largest Lesson 2016, joining children from many different countries in learning about the UN’s Global Goals. Each class looked at a specific goal in an age-appropriate way. By taking part in an initiative that involved children across the world, pupils developed understanding of their role in working with others to make change happen on a larger scale. The lesson also proved to be a great way of bringing the whole school community together around a single global topic.

The World’s Largest Lesson takes place every year to raise awareness of the Global Goals. Many GLP Schools get involved each time. You can find out more information here:

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