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Picture for St Anthony's Primary School (Larne) – Under the Hawthorn Tree

St Anthony's Primary School (Larne) – Under the Hawthorn Tree

Location: 43 Fairway, Larne, BT40 2BG

Entry Date: 22 February 2018

The popular book Under the Hawthorn Tree was used at St Anthony's Primary School to explore how famine occurs in a global context. Pupils read specific chapters in the book and then discussed how famine can affect lots of people around the world. They built upon this exercise by looking at some of the causes of famine. The pupils explored how climate can contribute to food shortages in countries where water is sometimes scarce and conditions are much tougher than in Northern Ireland. As part of this, they visited the Water Bus, a double decker bus transformed into a mobile education unit. On the bus, they learned facts about water and how it is used both here and in other parts of the world.

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