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Picture for St Columba’s Primary School (Kilrea): A grand tour of Africa

St Columba’s Primary School (Kilrea): A grand tour of Africa

Location: 3 Agivey Road, Kilrea, Coleraine, BT51 5UT


Entry Date: 04 April 2018

Learning about other places can help broaden our understanding of the world and our global neighbours. At St Columba’s Primary School (Kilrea), P6 pupils were taken on a mind-expanding exploration of the African continent.

Through cross-curricular lessons, learners studied the topic of ‘same but different’ using Africa as the focal point. A very holistic approach was taken. Pupils were taught not only about the geography of Africa, but also learned about various African cultures, traditions and celebrations, and investigated key events in African history.

Teaching staff made sure pupils understood the diversity of life within Africa itself, rather than seeing the continent as homogeneous. They were encouraged to think about differences between their lives and the lives of people from various parts of Africa, including any ‘unfair’ differences. Additionally, pupils were shown how Northern Ireland is connected to places in Africa through things like trade and tourism.

One of the core learning outcomes was to support pupils to develop empathy and respect for people from another part of the world. Another was to help them understand what they can do themselves to help create a fair and sustainable world, where everyone has equal opportunities.

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