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Picture for St Mary’s Primary School (Pomeroy) – Zambia, famine and water

St Mary’s Primary School (Pomeroy) – Zambia, famine and water

Location: 5 Cavanakeeran Road, Pomeroy, BT70 2RD


Entry Date: 22 February 2018

St Mary’s Primary School used the example of Zambia to discuss global food wastage and food shortages. The students researched all aspects of Zambia, including its geography, people, language and money. They discovered that food insecurity is a problem often faced by people living in Zambia. Pupils discussed the inherent unfairness of this, given that so much food in wasted in richer countries. They decided to raise awareness around the issue of food waste by making posters. These were displayed in their school canteen and information was sent home to parents about this issue.

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